Sigur Ros performing at the Louisville Palace

Sigur Ros | Photo Gallery

There are neurological studies that have attempted to explain why the music that is listened to during one’s late teens (college years) stick with an individual, often serving as the benchmark against which one judges music the rest of one’s life. I was into a bunch of different music during those formative years, some good

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Nikki Lane at Headliners in Louisville, KY

Nikki Lane | Photo Gallery

A few weeks after releasing Highway Queen, an early contender for album of the year, Nikki Lane took the stage at Headliners. Opening the show was Nikki’s beau Jonathan Tyler and Brent Cobb. I could talk about the phenomenal show but would rather let the images do the talkin. Jonathan Tyler Brent Cobb Nikki Lane

Maximón of Louisville, KY


Long time friends of the site and label Maximón stopped by for a gut busting chat in promotion of their upcoming release “If Yes Do”. The “interview” was largely unprompted, I kept the camera rolling during the 75+ minute conversation, interjecting a total of like three times with questions. Covered topics range from the typical (evolution from

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Karass performing for This Man Is Not My Father in Louisville, KY


About 18 months ago my beautiful little cocker spaniel Charlie came running into my office and in the moment of excitement knocked my external harddrive off of the top of my computer. As I went to pick the unit up it began humming and grinding- one of those sounds that I knew in that instant could

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