About 18 months ago my beautiful little cocker spaniel Charlie came running into my office and in the moment of excitement knocked my external harddrive off of the top of my computer. As I went to pick the unit up it began humming and grinding- one of those sounds that I knew in that instant could not be a good sign of things to come. After multiple attempts to fire the unit back up, I came to the sickening realization that I had likely suffered a massive data loss. You see contained on that harddrive were nearly a terrabyte of videos and concert photographs from the This Man archives.

I let the unit sit for nearly a year, too depressed to address the issue and attempt any recovery. I eventually sent the unit to Seagate for attempted data recovery and the result was around an 11% recovery. There were at least two episodes that were completely lost in the incident but one of the bright spots were two matching files of Karass performing "Hold On To Your Butts". It was a bit of fate that these files were recovered, as Karass played their final show this past summer at the Green Building.

So it is with both joy and a little heartache that I present what remains of the my taping with Karass.

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