This Man Is Not My Father (TMINMF) was founded in 2008 with a mission to bring the best in Louisville music, arts, and celebrity to the public through web based video programming. It is our goal to provide exclusive performances, interviews, and on-site reporting on the best in Louisville entertainment.  All episodes are available on-demand and archived on the site and at youtube.com.
TMINMF at its launch in 2008
Throughout the site's existence we have strived to bring to the viewer the best and brightest in Louisville entertainment with a particular emphasis on local music. During the site's tenure we have featured performances from local bands such as: Dude Plays Saxophone, The Instruction, The Pass, The Genius File, Deer Meet, Brian Beyke, and iamis. In addition we have profiled local events such as the Fright Night Film Fest, Abbey Road on the River, the Kentucky Derby Grand Gala, and Kerry Rhodes' Celebrity Basketball Game.
TMINMF in 2009
Despite a multiyear hiatus the site is back, completely renovated and under the new management of Timothy Sauer (founder) and Matt Taylor (of Plastic Bubble and The Genius File fame).
Check back often and make sure to like our facebook page to get the latest updates and notifications about new videos. Also be sure the check out the all new feature. TMINMF Live, a collection of videos chronicling live music performances in Louisville.

Why is a site about Louisville entertainment called thismanisnotmyfather?

There is no logical explanation or rational connection between the content of the site and its name. The initial marketing and brand image focused on the old adage from stranger danger classes that when a creepy fella (probably with a mustache and glasses with thick lens) approached you at the park with the intent of abduction that your best defense was to shout at the top of your lungs "This man is not my father!! This man is not my father!!" The site's previous banner and graphics incorporated this theme with images of a creepy molester type. The result while somewhat humorous was mostly creepy and discomforting. For that reason we dropped all references to stranger danger and the creepy molester.

Stranger Danger propaganda from my childhood.

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