Coming soon…

It is with great joy that I announce the upcoming relaunch of This Man Is Not My Father (TMINMF). Under the management of myself and Matt Taylor (of Plastic Bubble and The Genius File fame) we hope to bring to you the latest and greatest in Louisville music and entertainment. With a whole new crop

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Deer Meet

I recently read an article in one of America’s most prominent scientific journals about genetic experiments involving the cross breeding of musical tastes. The resultant combination of the Beatles, Steely Dan and Slipknot is known around the universe as Deer Meet. This of course did not really happen but the guys in Deer Meet do

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Brian Beyke

This episode stars Brian Beyke, a one-man music machine originally from Louisville currently residing in Cincinnati. Enjoy the rich tapestry of sound and emotion all captured for your viewing pleasure at Tyler Park in the Highlands.Brian Beyke’s Four Seasons drops July 24th. Check out for more information